(10/23/2020 / sbr)

ABB to futureproof major German printing house with management system and process optimization

ABB will build on a 30-year relationship with historic German printing company Presse-Druck- und Verlags-GmbH by providing the latest updates to planning and management software technology. The modernization will provide greater operator insights, create virtualization of processes and reduce maintenance. The Augsburg-based printing giant processes 25,000 tons of paper and 350 tons of print colour a year, so automated components in the facility must work seamlessly. The popular regional newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine has a daily print-run of more than 350,000 paper sheets alone.

ABB will install its specialist MPS Cockpit for planning and management of the entire newspaper production process across the plant, MPS Insight for reporting and analysis necessary for process optimization to increase profitability, and MPS InsertManager for the support and coordination of sales, production planning, storage and distribution of newspaper inserts.

These tools will assist operators and create virtualization of the system though conversion to run with PostgreSQL, allowing independence from the hardware and operating system lifecycle. This enables the application to be tested on and moved to a new platform when required, increasing availability and backup solutions.

“These updates ensure we have a modern, fit-for-purpose infrastructure for printing the newspaper titles we are responsible for daily, and for economically managing the entire manufacturing process from editorial to the reader’s letterbox, all without interruption or delay,” said Andreas Ullmann, Technical Director Presse-Druck- und Verlags-GmbH. “From working with ABB over many years, we are confident this system will provide the robust platform we now require, with security and backup built in.”

“At ABB, we have worked with printing companies for several decades and are committed to production optimization in this industry,” said Damian Staedeli, Head of Printing, ABB. “We use lessons learned from across our strong and diverse global range of industry applications to make these key improvements. The MPS software systems will provide greater functionality for managing printing processes and for optimizing the print process.”

Europe currently has ABB’s largest installed base for printing customers, followed by the USA.