(08/04/2020 / sbr)

Launch of new products during Hahnemühle Photography Month

In August 2020 Hahnemühle introduces two new products – the Portfolio Box 2020 in a limited edition and the Signing Pen Duo. With these two products Hahnemühle is expanding its range of accessories for the protection and authentication of artworks. After all, it is essential for artists to protect their own photographs, both physically and by copyright.

These product launches are embedded in the first international Hahnemühle Photography Month. The occasion is the tenth anniversary of the World Photo Day on 19 August 2020. Photographers celebrate their passion and fascination for photography during this international event. Since Hahnemühle shares this passion for photography, it dedicates a whole month to paper and photography.

Hahnemühle Portfolio Box 2020

The high-quality Hahnemühle Portfolio box is an elegant way to store, protect and present your valuable FineArt prints and artworks. The modern black portfolio box has a subtle linen optic with a robust and durable surface. It is made from acid-free, archival materials. The cover for example is made of 100% cotton and an environmentally friendly acrylic coating. The high-quality box is completely vegan and Made in Germany.

The Limited Edition of the Hahnemühle Portfolio Box impresses with 50 sheets of Hahnemühle’s latest FineArt Inkjet paper inventions in A3+/13×19”. Thereby, one can choose between the paper grades Photo Rag® Metallic, Hahnemühle Bamboo, Hahnemühle Agave and Hahnemühle Hemp. In order to protect your FineArt prints effectively, 50 interleaf sheets made of glassine paper are added. The high-quality Portfolio Box also includes three Certificates of Authenticity with holograms and one pair of white Hahnemühle gloves.

Hahnemühle Signing Pen Duo

Hahnemühle‘s Signing Pen Duo helps artists to give their art an even more personal touch, to emphasize edition prints and to complete unique pieces. The classic black fine liner made of pure pigment ink can be used to sign on high-gloss paper surfaces without the signature bleeding through. The pigment liner is indelible, archival and waterproof. On top of this it is odourless, and lightfast. With its fine metal tip, even the most detailed signatures are possible.

To make images on matt and heavily textured paper unmistakable, our pigment liner comes in combination with a high-quality black graphite pencil in archival quality. The noble pencil is soft enough not to push through and hard enough to get the signature on the paper. Both signing pens are available in a modern black sliding case.

The international Hahnemühle Photography Month is dedicated to all photographers and studios that enjoy printing their own photos and artworks. Throughout August there are special weekly activities that focus on selected highlights. From 03.08.2020 to 28.08.2020 new posts will be shared almost daily on the Digital FineArt Instagram @hahnemuehle_imaging, but also on the Hahnemühle Facebook and LinkedIn profile. An entire week will be dedicated to the Hahnemühle Portfolio Box 2020 for example. The Hahnemühle Signing Pen Duo will also play a major role in the week on the topic of ‘Print, Protect and Authenticate’. Addtionally, there will be numerous live talks with world-famous photographers on Instagram, a couple giveaways and many tips for use.