(02/27/2020 / sbr)

Process chain of additive manufacturing

Two teams of top-class experts in additive manufacturing met in Blomberg at the Protiq company in February. The experts on plastic powder laser sintering and metal powder laser melting discussed and worked on the state of the art and the steps to automate these additive manufacturing processes.

The plastics group has benefited from experience shared by Marcus Rechberger from Lehmann and Voss. The importance and the high demands of standardized powder qualities in the process cycle have become transparent.

In addition, the group has dealt with standardization activities at DIN / ASTM as well as possibilities for medium-sized companies for intelligent data management in the industrial production chain of additive manufacturing. The basis for the work is the comprehensive roadmap - the documentation of the process chain.

On the second day, the Metall group then used experience reports from Protiq, Krause DiMaTec and Toolcraft as a basis for discussion and jointly examined many aspects of production practice. This revealed breaks in the process chain, particularly in the area of data, but also in component processing. Application-oriented solutions in the houses with the different product ranges are required.

Finally, Lukas Fuhrmann from Autodesk presented simulation, production preparation and generative design as a solution approach for the software side.

The working group will continue to exchange information about ongoing activities in research and standardization and, in addition to process chain documentation, will also address the topic of occupational safety / EHS in a separate team until the next meeting.