(11/28/2019 / sbr)

Feldmuehle: Products from one source in 2020

Feldmuehle GmbH, manufacturer of label and flexible packaging papers, launched already in 2009 the new development of a label paper with 40 percent waste paper content (LabelSet PCW). As part of Feldmuehle’s realignment and the discussion on sustainability, work is underway to develop new papers based on recycling fibres. From the second quarter of 2020, the portfolio will be expanded by another wet-strength label paper and will be available to the market.

The high-quality label paper with recycled fibres will be equivalent to pulp products in terms of whiteness, opacity and appearance and will also provide good runnability and print quality. Feldmuehle also meets the increased market requirements and offers customers products based on pulp and recycling fibres from one source.