Circle Media Group to sell Helprint

In a private transaction with undisclosed terms, Circle Media Group (CMG), a European printing and media group, announces today that it is selling its rotogravure printing company Helprint Oy to Finnish company Printers Group Oy. Printers Group has a clear strategy, whereby the acquisition of Helprint should begin a consolidation of the printing sector in the Nordic region. Circle Media Group recognises the need for Helprint for further development in the region, while it is not a geographically core region for the group.

Helprint is the "largest rotogravure printing plant in the Nordic countries" and specialises in fast, cost-effective, top quality production of large print runs, which generally range from 100,000 to several million copies. Helprint's customers include leading magazine publishers, retail chains and advertising agencies. Helprint provides flexible printing services to customers across its market area of Finland, the other Nordic countries, Russia and the UK.

sbr / 03/15/2019