A Shorter Workflow with the KM 610A

At AS Printon in Estonia, the new Muller Martini Kolbus-brand KM 610A perfect binder has made a substantial contribution toward reducing the number of production steps involved in the digital production of books from seven to three. A new digital printing press at the company, which is located in Tallinn, rang in a new printing era at the start of the year. The new perfect binder with endsheet feeder and HD 143.P three-knife trimmer has accelerated processes significantly and thus reduced costs.

The KM 610A is not only used for digitally printed softcover products but also for producing book blocks for hardcover books as well. Digital printing has provided AS Printon with greater flexibility and – particularly for print runs of 1,000 to 1,500 copies – more efficiency as well.

"With Swiss brochure and Ota binding, we can now offer two additional options and as a result have quickly gained new customers," says Production Manager Tarmo Orasmäe, speaking of the increased market opportunities. In addition to Kolbus, AS Printon, which operates publishers, printers and self-publishers in 17 countries, has always relied on Muller Martini since its founding, and it therefore uses a Pantera with a gathering machine for softcover production as well.

As the first graphic arts company in northern Europe, AS Printon also has a VenturaConnect integrated book sewing system to achieve even more economical production of thread-sewn books. So far, the company, which employs 130 people and is part of the Tallink Group, only has one machine connected to the Ventura MC 160. However, the Estonian company plans to invest in a second Ventura this year, and it will connect the second machine to the system as well.

sbr / 02/14/2019