(11.09.2019 / sbr)

Nazdar releases 184v2 Series solvent inkjet ink

Nazdar Ink Technologies has announced the launch of the new 184v2 Series solvent inkjet inks. Initially available in EMEA, the new inks have been designed specifically for use in Mimaki™ digital printers using Mimaki BS4 ink. The new improved 184v2 Series ink formulations deliver an exceptionally close colour match, improved jetting stability at high print speeds, and a faster drying time than their predecessors. Like all Nazdar's high quality alternative ink solutions, they offer “comparable or improved performance than OEM inks, at a lower price point”.

The 184v2 Series's plug-and-play capabilities allow users of Mimaki printers running BS4 inks to change to Nazdar 184v2 Series ink without the need to flush. Due to the complete chemical and colour compatibility of the two ink sets, OEM pouches can be replaced with Nazdar 184v2 Series pouches as they run out, rather than all colours at the initial install. This saves both time and money as there is no need to perform wasteful ink fill procedures or dispose of unused ink.

Stephen Woodall, Global Segment Manager - Aqueous & Solvent Digital at Nazdar Ink Technologies, comments: “The 184v2 Series inks offer outstanding performance with excellent colour fade and chemical resistance to UV degradation and environmental pollution. Suitable for use on a wide variety of substrates including self-adhesive, flexible and pressure-sensitive vinyl, banner material, blue back paper and backed mesh, the inks are a great addition to the Nazdar range.”

The low-odour 184v2 Series inks are available in 600ml and 2000ml bags, compatible with MBIS.