(22.01.2019 / sbr)

Tractus3D introduces next level PEEK 3D Printer

Tractus3D is taking 3D printing high-performance materials to the next level with this month’s release of the T850P. A newly developed heated chamber provides thermal management in combination with a high temperature printhead.

Heat it up

With this innovative heated chamber, the temperature inside the T850P can easily be controlled. Thermal management helps to reduce warping because it diminishes premature cooling by open air. The heated chamber allows the user to set the temperature at the required level up to 65 degrees Celsius. The high temperature nozzle goes up to 450°C and the build plate up to 175°C.

High-performance plastics

The T850P enables to create prototypes out of superior materials such as Carbon PEEK, PEEKQ and ULTEM. Conventional materials like PLA and PETG are also printable. With a spacious build volume of 300mm x 380mm (diameter x height) this all-round 3D printer is extremely useful for small batch production. 

According to Maurits Blok, Commercial Director of Tractus3D, the T850P is perfect to produce strong and lightweight objects, like items created with PEEK. Maurits Blok: "This material has properties that correspond to metals in terms of strength and heat and chemical resistance. Our clients find this material the ideal alternative for metal parts, and its applicable for medical applications as well, due to the sterilizability and biocompatibility of PEEK."