(25.06.2012 / sha)

Toscotec: Starting-up first TT steel yankee dryer in Japan

Toscotec successfully started-up the first TT SYD(Steel Yankee Dryer) installed in Japan. The TT SYD-12FT was supplied to Nishinihon Eizai Co. Ltd., a leading producer of tissue located in Tatsuno-cho, near Osaka.

Nishinihon Eizai was founded in 1963, and is managed by Yasuhito Goda, who is the third generation of the family to manage the business. The mill houses five paper machines and produces 2,500 t per month of toilet roll and tissue towel made from 100% recovered paper.

The new TT SYD-12FT replaced the old 12 FT Cast Iron Yankee on Tatsuno-cho PM2.

After the start up the machine speed was increased of 18% with a considerable energy saving – a key issue in Japan as well.