High net output plus added value with Ferag

In the new printing centre of Oberpfälzer Medienhaus Der Neue Tag, in Weiden, postpress processing is on Ferag technology. Der Neue Tag appears daily, except Sundays, in seven local editions plus the Amberger Zeitung and Sulzbach-Rosenberg-Zeitung editions in an overall print run topping 95,000 on Saturdays.

More than 190,000 copies of OWZ Oberpfälzer Wochenzeitung and further weekly and newspaper-like titles are produced by this printing centre, in addition to a number of magazines.

The mailroom technology has been conceived with this in mind, and delivers high net output plus added value. The task is realized with one inserting line only, comprising the MSD inserting drum and RollStream precollecting system. In terms of the MSD, preprints are wound off MultiDisc and supplements are fed through RollStream. This line is equipped with three MTS MultiStack compensating stackers. Automatically provided with a topsheet, protected by foil and cross strapped, products are brought to the loading docks on PKT plate chain conveyors.

Furthermore, added value is generated using the StreamStitch and SNT-U components, which can be hooked up inline, by stitching tabloid products with or without a commercial cover and providing them with a three-side trim. Also, MemoSticks can be applied to all newspaper title pages and to four regional editions of the weekly newspaper OWZ.

atz / 06.07.2012