(07.05.2012 / atz)

Hecht extends its confidence in Manroland Sheetfed with a second Roland 900 XXL

Hecht Printing Solutions, located in Braine-l’Alleud (Belgium), ordered a second Roland 900 XXL printing press. The four-color press with coater and print size of 130 x 185 cm will be installed in the fall and will be used specifically for printing POS displays.

Hecht, one of Europe's most important players on the billboard market, is best known to the general public for printing large posters in public spaces. In addition, the company is also an important player in the POS market. A division which represents 30% of the EUR 24 million that the company made in 2011. It is precisely in this division that the new Roland 900 XXL will fit.

Fast and economical
Laurent Vandecasteele, managing director of Hecht Printing Solutions explains the reasons for the acquisition: "We have a policy of investing in reliable equipment, allowing us to grow in the print media for POS applications. We have recently invested in a Durst Rho 1000 press, a very versatile machine that can print both from roll to roll or in flatbed mode. Such a machine is a fantastic tool for any type of print media for prints up to 200 copies at most. As soon as you exceed this amount, the offset becomes a faster and certainly more economical option. That is why we invest again in a new Roland 900 XXL which is really the ideal machine for processing such orders."

Innovative Technology
According to Laurent Vandecasteele, it is possible to print posters in print runs of 200 copies or less, while remaining profitable. "Ten years ago, nobody would have believed you, but today, in a perfectly organized factory, with the competent staff, it becomes possible thanks to technological innovations but requires a lot of ingenuity, such as the ColorPilot, which this new Roland 900 XXL will have on board. It's always a pleasure to see how easily such a machine processes such work in no time."

Perfect service
At Hecht, the production runs 24 hours a day in order to produce all the orders in ever shorter delivery times. "We cannot afford machine downtime, for any reason whatsoever," says Laurent Vandecasteele. "We already have an excellent experience with our first Roland 900 XXL. The fact that manroland Benelux has a very efficient after sales service has played an important role in the selection of the new press."