(08.03.2013 / nho)

Integrated Inkjet for Germany

Manroland Web Systems has received an order from Axel Springer AG for 19 additional Integrated Inkjet installations. The publishing house has decided to equip its newspaper presses with inkjet imprint systems at all German sites.

Integrated Inkjet, the application for variable-data imprinting in newspaper production, is on its way to becoming a true broad-based solution. Manroland Web Systems is at the forefront of this development with the company’s Integrated Inkjet technology; Axel Springer AG is its first pilot user.

The Berlin-based media conglomerate will now equip all of its newspaper presses with a total of 33 inkjet installations. Manroland Web Systems will integrate the majority, a total of 23 units including previous orders, in existing press equipment at nine Springer printing sites. This order marks a crowning achievement in a successful development partnership, as Anton Hamm, Vice President Service and printcom at Manroland Web Systems, explains: “We are so pleased to have come this far in our partnership with Axel Springer. By working together, we were able to develop the ideal inkjet solution as part of pilot projects in Ahrensburg and Berlin-Spandau. With this experience we will be able to quickly upgrade the rest of our customer’s presses and support the new business model.”


For Manroland Web Systems, this cooperation has resulted in the development of patented processes that include numerous applications in newspaper printing.

Inkjet expands business model

Thanks to the inkjet applications, Springer can increase the added value of its newspaper products. Lotteries, breaking news, tailor-made ads, and cross-media applications are attractive for both readers and advertisers, and help stabilize runs. In production, Integrated Inkjet ensures accurately positioned imprints without a loss in speed, added waste, or longer changeover times. However, the quality of the technology is not the only crucial factor.

Models such as the Prosper S30 inkjet system from Kodak need to be optimally integrated in the production workflow and operating concept. Integrated Inkjet accomplishes this thanks to the implementation of two modules: The automation module lays the foundation for electronic and software-related requirements, and the web lead module ensures the constructive, mechanical, and technical adjustment of the web lead. Automation focuses on inkjet software integrated in the operating concept. It bundles the requirements and commands of key components such as the control console with multi-touchscreen, the central encoder for speed, and the SmartCam mark reader. The software transmits resulting control commands to the imprint system from Kodak.

Manroland Web Systems has produced an open solution, a welcome development for the industry: Integrated Inkjet is available for all newspaper and commercial presses, regardless of model or manufacturer.