(03.08.2022 / sbr)

Feldmuehle is switching steam generation

The Feldmuehle is switching steam generation in Q4/22 to an alternative fuel, light heating oil, at short notice. This will ensure the continued operation of the site in the event of a worsening gas shortage. This step also secures the competitiveness of Feldmuehle in face of the current sharp rising gas prices. The necessary investments of 2.6 million euros will be financed by an extraordinary shareholder contribution.

Feldmuehle and all the authorities to be involved as well as suppliers are working closely together to implement the project in the short time in compliance with all applicable limit values. In the medium to long term, the existing plan will be consistently pursued, to make the site CO2-neutral. This will include the use of wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy, will play a key role.