(25.04.2022 / sbr)

Flint Group announce introduction of monthly surcharge

Flint Group's Commercial Publication Web (CPW) Division have announced their intention to introduce a monthly surcharge mechanism for those products supplied into the global web offset print markets. In a statement today, Tony Lord, President of Flint Group CPW said, “We recognise the primary responsibility to our partners is to maintain supply of high quality consumables which are fundamental to the printing process. In common with many industries we are experiencing previously unforeseen cost inflation and scarcity of raw materials. If we are to maintain supply, we have no choice other than to pass on these additional costs to our customers.”

Mr. Lord continued: “Whilst it is hoped the current hyperinflation of costs will abate, the truth is no one can predict with any reasonable accuracy what the future holds for all of our input costs from raw materials, energy, freight and labour costs. We therefore believe the fairest and most equitable way to manage this challenging environment is to provide total transparency of movements in raw material, energy, freight and labour costs by providing to customers an independently validated surcharge mechanism to confirm such cost movements (both up and down) which will then be reflected within our surcharge. We are currently in individual discussions with our customers regarding implementation across all of our markets.”