(02/11/2014 / vlr)

Temprina Media Grafika orders new six-tower Goss press to address continuing growth of Jawa Pos

Temprina Media Grafika has installed a new six-tower, two-folder single-width Goss Community SSC press at its printing facility in Solo City, Central Java. TMP is part of Jawa Pos Media GroupThe Group is among the world’s largest Goss press users, with approximately 900 Goss units in operation across Indonesia.

“We are very satisfied with the combination of quality, reliability and flexibility of our Goss presses. The press is easy to operate, strong, and we can always find any support and parts. We have a 60 year-old Goss press that is still running in full production. We also like the idea that Goss is using industrial-standard electrical equipment which makes it easier for us to get support anywhere across the islands,” comments Agus Suryo, General Manager of Temprina Media Grafika.


Jawa Pos has seen continued growth over the years to become one of the leading newspaper publishers and the biggest media network in Indonesia, comprising a TV network of 20 channels. With a combined circulation of over one million copies per day, it prints more than 150 local newspapers and 20 weekly tabloids, as well as the largest national daily newspaper, the Jawa Pos, printed in 80 different cities across Indonesia. This is also supported by the company’s own paper mill and power plant in an integrated facility alongside the Surabaya printing site.


According to Suryo, Jawa Pos also maintains a central focus on its role within the community. As well as spearheading social and environmental campaigns, the newspaper has recently launched the Development Basketball League (DBL), Indonesia’s biggest competition for students, and constructed a stadium next to the Surabaya newspaper office.


Under the leadership of Dahlan Iskan, Jawa Pos has been transformed from a small newspaper in 1982 to one of the largest media groups in Asia today. Jawa Pos readership has risen steadily in this time, including a five-year period of growth which saw the circulation rise from just 6,000 copies to over 300,000 copies. Now Jawa Pos has around 500 000 readers spread from Java Island to Bali.


Dahlan Iskan now serves as Indonesia’s Minister of State-owned Enterprises, and the newspaper is led by his 35 year-old son, Azrul Ananda. Jawa Pos continues to win many awards including World Young Reader Newspaper in 2011 by WAN-Ifra, and last year achieved an unparalleled growth of 14 percent.