(02/07/2014 / vlr)

Esko presents 3D Virtual Shop and Display Design at EuroShop 2014

Esko’s first time attendance will focus on solutions for visualization and production of POS-displays and innovative packaging. A special focus will be on Esko Store Visualizer, a solution that enables hyper-realistic, real-time visualization of the display designs on virtual shelves – shown during the fair on a huge 3D screen.

Joining Popai (international association for Point of Purchase Advertising) in hall 3 at stand E54, Esko will present retailers and brand owners its latest solutions for the design, visualization and production of POS displays. With this set-up, Esko wants to underline the benefits achieved by its solutions such as shortened production times, optimized end results, more comfortable and easier approval cycles and, ultimately reduced costs.

Esko will work together with Reproteam, a leading Austrian large format print service provider, to show finished POS displays developed for a global Scandinavian supplier of household goods. Designed by the creative department of Reproteam, these will be printed on an industrial VLF digital printing device and finished on an Esko Kongsberg digital cutting table. Made of ReBoard® – a lightweight yet exceptionally robust paperboard – the displays are precisely customized for specific products such as secateurs and knives.

"Retail and trade shops are ready for the solutions of Esko. The virtual and real visualization of packaging and display designs allows them to have a realistic view of the future product early in the development and decision-making phases. To meet the challenges involved with this, we provide creative and high quality solutions for packaging, display and shop design,” says Wolfram Verwüster, Esko Business Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Customer involvement from the very first moment

More than ever, POS displays do more than just displaying the product, they have become a channel to convey the brand promise to the consumer. Good displays seduce, inspire, and arouse the consumer’s curiosity. Today, brand managers are being challenged by the constant strive for efficiency in an increasingly diverse, global and heavily outsourced production process. They turn to their suppliers to manage this process without having to give in on creativity.

Thanks to Esko solutions such as WebCenter for online collaboration and approval, communication between all participants in the supply chain – often located in different sites and countries – is significantly optimized. Sources of errors and discrepancies are identified and addressed directly. Esko ArtiosCAD for 3D structural design and Esko Studio and Store Visualizer for 3D visualization are designed to drastically reduce the time of sample and product development. Furthermore, the actual integration of products in a retail environment is optimized and time for planning reduced significantly. Ultimately this leads to higher quality products at lower production costs.