(02/04/2014 / vlr)

Introducing their new high-speed, inkless Technology

Digital print innovator, LumeJet, is attending InPrint 2014 to showcase its new high-speed, high-volume inkless Digital Print Head (DPH) technology. At Inprint Lumejet will unveil the LumeBar DPH linehead which is aimed at manufacturers of industrial packaging, security and printed electronics machines.

The LumeJet S200 printer features a dual print head which traverses photo-sensitive print substrate. The LumeBar, in contrast, is made up of multiple DPHs mounted together to create a static imaging head. LumeBars contain a number of separate “LumeChips”, each of which has many hundreds of micron-sized light emitting elements and associated driver electronics. LumeBars are custom-built with required output dot size, wavelength and power tuned to the specific application.

LumeBar technology, which is still 2 or 3 years away from commercial production, is a new area of research and development at the forefront of photonics, and includes solid state micro LED, organic LED (OLED) and laser diode arrays. LumeJet’s research is currently centred on applications for inkless printing and direct-write lithography, both of which require higher output powers and higher speeds than for conventional digital printing.

LumeJet's DPH technology, with its pinpoint accuracy, minute dotsize, inkless direct-print process and faultless repeatability is a perfect match for high speed, high volume applications. Plugged into a static LumeBar configuration the DPH transmit light beyond the visible spectrum (UV & IR) to print directly at production speed onto any object that has a light-sensitive pre-coating.