(10/28/2013 / nho)

New Bobst Dark Night Process Unveiled at Bobst Manchester Open House

Over 60 visitors from around the world attended this year’s Bobst Manchester Open House held at its Heywood Technology Centre on 15th October 2013. The event saw visitors from the UK, Europe, North America, Canada, South America, Africa and India.

The day consisted of technical presentations in the sales lounge followed by two demonstrations on a Bobst General K5000 in the adjacent machine demonstration area.

The new Bobst Dark Night Process was the focus of the first presentation of the day. Dark Night is a new approach to defect elimination to achieve higher barrier films. This was followed by a machine demonstration using Bobst General Registron Hawkeye.

The second presentation and demonstration was focused on the AlOx process. Bobst uses a standard aluminium metallizing machine as a foundation for the AlOx process which results in versatility as one machine can be used for two processes without compromise. The application is available for coating a wide range of films including PET, BOPP, CPP, PLA and other types of plastic films. The coated film can be used for end products including baked goods and microwaveable products.