(09/05/2013 / nho)

Crush for the new look of I Coloniali

The new style for I Coloniali adds a touch of magic to our daily lives through new graphics, new colors, new shapes, and more. In total respect for the environment, the products’ secondary packaging also features new materials in the form of the new ecological paper, Crush, which is manufactured using 15% agro-industrial byproducts and 30% post-consumption recycled paper in place of virgin cellulose of tree origin.

Crush is the innovative paper patented by Favini which uses the waste products of citrus fruits, kiwifruit, corn, coffee beans, olives, hazelnuts and almonds as noble raw material. Crush is FSC certified, contains no GMOs, and is produced using 100% self-produced green energy for a total carbon footprint of just 20%.


Valeria Scognamiglio, International Brand Manager for I Coloniali through Perfume Holding, said, “I Coloniali has always placed a great deal of emphasis on sustainability, preferring packaging solutions that have a high impact visually, but which are also recyclable and reusable. We’ve selected Favini’s Crush paper because we feel it is a truly innovative product thanks to its ability to unite high levels of recycled materials with a luxurious look and feel, all of which is perfectly in line with the I Coloniali philosophy.”


Andrea Nappa, Favini managing director and a partner in Orlando Italy, asserted, “At just a few months since the launch of Crush, we are proud to be so well received and to establish partnerships with brands such as I Coloniali, which, like us, focus on innovation and total respect for the environment. With Crush, we have revolutionized the more traditional approach and have given new life to agro-industrial byproducts by providing an alternative use for this waste and raising it to the level of more noble raw materials. The result that we have managed to achieve is a paper that ensures excellent print performance and enables those who choose it to communicate a strong image based on the values in which they believe.”