(09/05/2013 / nho)

Scodix to Launch Scodix Ultra Press at Print 13

Scodix has announced they will be launching the industry’s fastest high-quality and most accurate digital enhancement press at next week’s Print 13 tradeshow. The production speed and features of the new Scodix Ultra make this print enhancement digital press ideal for commercial print service providers, folding cartons packaging convertors, web-to-print shops and trade finishers.

The Scodix Ultra Digital Press is capable of producing 1,250 B2+ (21.5 x 31.0 inches) size sheets per hour and is based upon the company’s Scodix Sense technology, which includes:

  • Scodix RSP Technology: Ensures pin-point enhancement positioning and registration;
  • Scodix High Impact: Touch and feel to make your print stand out;
  • Scodix 99 GU: Delivers the highest level of gloss units attainable for printed materials;
  • Scodix Variable Density: Allows for variable polymer thickness – all in a single pass

The union of these technologies enable the Scodix Ultra to deliver results that meet and exceed the critical production requirements of even the most demanding commercial PSP’s or folding-cartons converters. The Scodix Ultra supports countless applications including stationery, book covers, premium packaging, marketing and promotional tools, greeting cards, and photo albums. The new Scodix Ultra digital press is available through Scodix sales channels.

Scodix Ultra Digital Press Features

The new digital enhancement press offers several features that maximize the quality, speed, and wow-factor for each user:

  • Accurate Registration: Scodix RSP Technology, the company’s patent-pending technology, is based upon a multi-CCD camera system and dedicated software algorithms. This coupling of technology allows Scodix presses to rotate the enhancement to adjust for imperfectly cut sheets, scale the enhancement to compensate for humidity-changed sheets, and to position each image with pinpoint accuracy, correcting for any fit-shifts inherent in digital and litho printing.
  • High Volume Productivity: At 1,250 sheets per hour, the Scodix Ultra can produce 10,000 B2 sheets, 40,000 photo-book covers, 80,000 greeting cards, or 480,000 business cards during every 8 hour shift.
  • Scodix PolySense: The Scodix Ultra Digital Press executes unblemished, selective enhancements with proprietary PolySense clear polymer which shines up to 99 gloss units creating high impact with tangible dimension. These polymers are further enhanced by applying the Scodix “lens effect” (which brings more color to the viewing eye) or Scodix Metallic, which offers an unlimited variety of metallic colors in a single step process.

In addition, the new Scodix Ultra offers Scodix Twin-Tray Technology (two trays operating simultaneously), supporting up to B2+ size sheet format (545 x 788 mm / 21.5 x 31 inches) in material weights from 6 to 30 points (135 to 675 gsm), using materials as thick as 700 microns (up to 0.7 mm), and is equipped with remote access compatibility and a built-in automatic maintenance system.