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Make Great Software Decisions: A Guide for Printers – New Book by Web2Print Experts

Web2Print Experts, Inc., announces another free tool to help printers with software investments. The book Make Great Software Decisions: A Guide for Printers was written by a cross-functional team at Web2Print Experts who shares their decade’s worth of experience in all aspects of print software.

“Our team has a unique perspective; we’ve been part of hundreds of print software projects, involving a wide variety of software technologies. Now that we are a services organization that is independent of any particular software package, we can provide unbiased guidance based on our extensive experience,” says Jennifer Matt, founder and president of Web2Print Experts.

Software decisions are part of almost every modern business initiative. The book focuses on what printers can do to optimize their return-on-investment with software technologies by creating and communicating a clear business strategy and actively planning how they will implement the new technology within their organization. The book covers all aspects of software investments, and specifically focuses on the common mistakes to avoid.

“We have made, witnessed, and been a part of so many ‘less than optimal’ software decisions. We view mistakes as an incredible learning opportunity because software, the web, and the whole technology space are changing so fast. It’s a great value for our readers who can avoid these mistakes rather than repeat them,” said Sven Miller, Web2Print Experts European leader.

The printed version of the book will be distributed by Xerox at Print 13; the eBook version can be downloaded from for a small donation to this great industry non-profit. All proceeds from the book are being donated to EDSF, where Jennifer Matt serves on the board of directors as the Executive Vice Chair for Development. EDSF and Web2Print Experts are also making the book available for companies who would like to distribute it as a branded business development tool, all distribution rights are exchanged for tax deductible donations to Please contact Brenda Kai or Jennifer Matt for more information.
About Web2Print Experts, Inc.

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