(07/30/2013 / nho)

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments Expands Services and Products to Brazil and Latin America

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments has made an important and critical investment in Brazil and Latin America by expanding its dedicated regional sales and service team, local warehousing, and lab support for its pigment products dedicated to the coatings, cosmetics, inks, plastics and specialties markets.

Sun Chemical is increasing its dedicated local service people in the region to help customers with technical issues, quality control, and commercial development for a wide range of products-especially environmentally-friendly pigments and dispersions geared for the architectural coatings market and the next generation of  heavy-metal free, low odor, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)-free compliant coatings.

"Sun Chemical Performance Pigments is very excited to have an expanded presence here in Brazil and in Latin America as a whole," said Myron Petruch, President, Sun Chemical Performance Pigments. "We are committed to the region and plan to provide our customers here with the kind of service that we are known for at Sun Chemical-that is with quality, service and innovation. Our dedicated team to the region will ensure that each technical need of our customers is met with solutions tailor-made for their specific challenge."