(05/01/2013 / nho)

Hannanprint: Moving into the future with 96 pages

A new building, new installation, and a huge relocation project: Hannanprint presents Warwick Farm, one of the most modern printing centres in the world. There, southwest of Sydney, the currently largest heatset webfed press in Australia started production at the beginning of 2013.

One new  twin 48-page web Lithoman printing 96 pages in one go. Three additional commercial presses moved from the Alexandria site to Warwick Farm. A massive project, which Hannanprint and Manroland Web Systems Australasia have managed successfully and to schedule.

Lithoman instead of gravure printing

The framework data reveals the project size and significance: Hannanprint, a business division of the marketing group IPMG, invested 90 million Australian dollars (approx. 68 million euros) in the new "Warwick Farm" site. 280 people work at the new, highly automated production site covering an area of 12.9 ha. The technological heart of the project is the new Lithoman running twin 48 page webs producing 96 pages in one go. The Australians had planned to use gravure printing, but in 2011, they decided in favour of commercial web offset production. Their decision was based on the development of run lengths and the possibility of integrating offset-produced sections. Additionally, Hannanprint employs highly qualified printers and operators who are already familiar with offset and Lithoman technology. The twin web 48-page Lithoman, each web with a width of 1,460 mm, print on a total of eight printing units in a multi-level arrangement. In fact, the press is one of the few world-wide that can print 96 pages in one go.


The speed of 45,000 cylinder revolutions per hour and the Lithoman printing systems' autoprint equipment ensure maximum capacity and productivity. Automation includes quick changeover with APL (AutomaticPlateLoading), the AutoJobChange control package with QuickStart pre-inking function as well as the quality-assuring Inline Control systems for cut-off register (InlineCutoff Control), ink density (InlineDensity Control) and color register (InlineRegistration Control). In the PressManager printnetwork, all production information merges. As a result, the production manager can plan and control the technical workflow in a highly user-friendly and efficient manner.

Project specialists roll up their sleeves and lend a hand

Two "expensive and challenging years" are the price, explains Tony Dedda, Managing Director of Hannanprint, to now "profitably meeting customer requirements with a well-equipped, efficient, and versatile printing site." He is once again recalling the extent of the undertaking, saying, "We believe it is the largest relocation in the history of the printing industry in Australia." In addition to new investment, the service team at Manroland Web Systems Australasia handled the relocation of three Manroland commercial printing presses. Two 48-page Lithomans and one 32-page Rotoman in a multi-level arrangement moved from the former Alexandria site to Warwick Farm. The machines will benefit from a technological upgrade with InlineDensity Control systems. The Alexandria site will be closed in mid-2013 and undergo redevelopment. Steve Dunwell, Managing Director of Manroland Web Systems Australasia says, "Planning, disassembly of the equipment, transportation, and reassembly: we have shown how enthusiasm, experience, and know-how can be translated into successful project management."

Peak performance through and through

Hannanprint's reorientation and investment has a single target: "peak performance" in all sectors of the company. This will further increase the company's competiveness. The highly productive and automated Lithoman press will show its strengths in this challenging environment, explains Tony Dedda, Managing Director: "We do not expect any significant improvements in market conditions during 2013, but we will profit from the efficiency of the larger and better-situated production site, which is equipped with the latest printing technology, offers customers excellent service, and helps us to keep costs under control." News Limited and Fairfax, for example, have concluded long-term contracts with Hannanprint to produce most of the magazines that are enclosed with their newspapers. Production facilities at Warwick Farm are equipped with the latest technology to make them even more energy-efficient and sustainable. Two examples: dryer heat recovery supports the air conditioning of all production areas.

Since the IPMG Group purchased its first Lithoman in 1999, Manroland Web Systems has worked in close partnership with the Australians. "We are proud to help shape the new Warwick Farm site because it is a flagship for the printing industry," explains Manroland Web Systems. Steve Dunwell adds, "Warwick Farm is one of the most modern and highly-automated printing centres worldwide. We are happy to play a meaningful role in this future-oriented venture. We are sure that Hannanprint has chosen the correct strategy."