(04/29/2013 / nho)

A pair of Sundays: Metrocolor adding new Goss web presses in Peru and Mexico

One of the leading and most versatile commercial printing companies in Latin America has ordered a pair of new Goss Sunday 2000 web presses for facilities in Peru and Mexico. Metrocolor, which delivers catalogs, magazines, commercial products and books as well as packaging to 14 countries, will install the Goss systems in mid 2013.

A four-unit press will be the first gapless-blanket Sunday press at the company's facility in Queretaro, Mexico. A four-unit Sunday 2000 system with a wide 24-page format (57-inch web width) will join a similarly configured Sunday 2000 press already in production at the Metrocolor headquarters in Lima, Peru.

"To grow and to offer the highest level of value to customers, a printing company must invest continuously in the most advanced technology available," according to Sandro Urbina, general manager. "This has always been our philosophy for prepress, press and finishing systems at Metrocolor. We know from our experience in Lima that the Sunday 2000 delivers considerable advantages for high-quality, low-waste production across a wide range of short- and long-run applications."

Producing a comprehensive range of printed products and delivering them to multiple countries are vital to the success of Metrocolor. Urbina says a diverse range of web, sheetfed and digital printing capabilities in both Mexico and Peru gives the company an edge in offering the most effective option for nearly every print requirement of its customers and in controlling the entire production and distribution process in house.

"Along with state-of-the-art production capabilities, we have developed an equally advanced infrastructure that makes us a specialist exporting on time and on budget," he explains. "This includes our own storage and transportation capabilities, software systems and trained experts." The Metrocolor facility in Peru serves that country as well as Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador. Products printed in Mexico are exported throughout Central America and the Caribbean.

"We are excited about this vote of confidence in our support capabilities and our technology and we look forward to expanding our positive relationship with the Metrocolor teams in Peru and Mexico," explains Leonardo Clavijo, Goss International sales manager.

Metrocolor was founded in 1992 and currently has 300 employees.