(08/29/2023 / sbr)

Training at Heidelberg: Digital, international and sustainable

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) offers training that young people enjoy, complete very successfully and which also leads to many of them making a career in the company. On 1 September 2023 alone, around 150 young women and men will start their training or dual study programme at Heidelberg. The experience of recent years also shows that 98 per cent of them remain with the company after successfully completing their training and some even receive an award for their training achievements.

Training still occupies an important place in the company. “In times when many companies are struggling with a shortage of skilled workers, we at Heidelberg focus on good training, which is often the starting point for a career in the company,” says Heidelberg CEO Dr. Ludwin Monz. In total, the company offers training in fourteen occupational profiles at four different locations in Germany: from the fields of electronics and industrial mechanics, to the highly sought-after specialist IT and warehouse logistics, to the broad field of mechatronics, media technology and materials testing. In addition, there are a large number of dual courses of study in the fields of business administration, technology and IT.

The stories of many long-standing employees show that apprentices make their way in the company. For example, Achim Mergenthaler started an apprenticeship as a toolmaker in 1982 and is now head of the company's global manufacturing network. To ensure that such steps are also possible in the future, Heidelberg continuously adapts its internal training courses to changing requirements. That is why today's trainees not only learn how to work in the age of digitalisation, but also what role artificial intelligence will play in their professional field in the future. Stations abroad are also possible to strengthen intercultural competence. “We make an attractive and high-quality training offer to young people with an interest in future topics. We offer junior staff a long-term perspective at Heidelberg and in an exciting industry,” says Monz. This is also confirmed by the high takeover rate.

Further aspects of training at Heidelberg

Sustainability: Heidelberg is part of the “Sustainability Navi” initiative of the employers' association Südwestmetall. One of the aims of this initiative is to firmly anchor the topics of environmental protection and sustainability in the occupational profiles on offer.

Energy scouts: In energy-intensive areas, such as the foundry site in Amstetten, Heidelberg uses apprentices as energy scouts to detect hidden efficiency potential, develop measures and implement them. They support Heidelberg on the path to climate neutrality in 2030.

Instagram: Anyone interested in an apprenticeship at Heidelberg can gain a first virtual insight on Instagram: Under heidelbergerdruck_azubis, the trainees post self- produced content about their professions.

Career with training: Achim Mergenthaler, now Head of Operations and a member of the top management team, is a good example of how an apprenticeship at Heidelberg can take you all the way to the top. He began his professional career in 1982 with an apprenticeship as a toolmaker at Heidelberg, then deepened his knowledge with a mechanical engineering degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim and returned to the company afterwards. He made his way via international stations, including China. “Heidelberg was the best decision of my life professionally,” says Mergenthaler. “The challenging training with a lot of responsibility right from the start, the good management style combined with my own motivation to want to make a difference, it was just a great fit.”

Application phase 2024: The application phase for an apprenticeship and a dual study programme starting in September 2024 is already underway. In addition to school grades, social skills and potential for the respective job profile, which are identified during the selection process, are equally important in deciding whether to apply for an apprenticeship at Heidelberg. All information about vocational training and the career portal can be found on the Heidelberg website.