(08/18/2023 / sbr)

Bobst: New benchmark hologram application system

Building on the technology of the Novafoil 106, Bobst launches a new version of the hot foil stamper, dedicated to the application of holograms. Featuring a completely redesigned hologram application system, the Novafoil 106 H gives converters maximum flexibility and efficiency for hot stamping transfer with holograms.

Only two years ago, the Novafoil 106 was introduced. It was the first inline hot film stamping machine from Bobst offering an advanced cross-foiling option, increasing its efficiency and versatility. It also offered a new level of embellishment quality with its redesigned platen section - ensuring longer dwell time, stable platen temperature and higher pressure. Reliability, coupled with cost-efficient foil use and great flexibility, is also the basis for the new version of this compact and productive machine.

Being conscious of the particular needs of hologram application, Bobst wanted to provide an option for converters who specialize in this area of hot transfer. The result is a new system with individual hologram modules, which can be mounted on rails on the Novafoil 106. With up to 2 rails and 5 modules each, 10 hologram reels of maximum 100 mm width can now convert jobs which previously required two runs, in one single pass. To guarantee the zero-fault quality customers expect, the Novafoil 106 H has been equipped with a register for every reel to ensure perfect application precision. The film advance is controlled via an electronic system and advance shafts with pressure rollers ensure perfect film tension. The modules can be positioned rapidly, and the hologram reels can be introduced within seconds. What is more, the modules can be directly plugged into one of two connecting boxes on each side of the machine. This plug and play system ensures quick and hassle-free changeovers.

To cut down setup times even further, Bobst has also introduced the Digital Makeready Tool (DMT). Inspired by the Digital Inspection Table (DIT) quality control solution, the pdf of any embellishment job can be sent to the DMT, where the digital layout is projected directly onto the honeycomb chase. This projection indicates precisely where the dies have to be positioned, eliminating lengthy setup checks. The DMT shortens setups and increases accuracy to ensure impeccable stamping register quality, which in turn reduces the number of waste sheets.