(08/16/2023 / sbr)

Flex-Punkt achieves Miraclon Certification for Kodak Flexcel NX Plates

Flex-Punkt Druckformen GmbH, a full-service prepress partner to the packaging industry, has successfully completed the Miraclon Certification program for Flexcel NX Plates. The program evaluates Flexcel NX System users’ ability to meet stringent international flexo platemaking standards set by Miraclon. It represents a feature set that drives maximum efficiency, repeatability, and consistent quality in flexo platemaking, and is complemented by extensive data measurement series and analyses.

Headquartered in Melle, Germany, Flex-Punkt has been a Flexcel NX Technology user since 2013 and boasts a Flexcel NX Wide System. The family-owned business, employing almost 60 people, offers a comprehensive range of services from a single source – from packaging design and repro, proofing and supporting its flexible packaging printing customers during on-press approvals, to the manufacturing of photopolymer and elastomer printing plates and seamless continuous sleeves.

“Flexcel NX Technology is our Number 1 choice when it comes to photopolymer plates. Due to the excellently reproducible quality and the associated top packaging print results, we consider the technology from Miraclon to be one of the best in the flexo market,” comments Flex-Punkt Managing Director, David Weber.

“When you've been offering this technology for ten years and you see all the excellent print results that have been produced with Flexcel NX Plates, you should of course also make sure that everyone in the market knows that Flex-Punkt has mastered this technology very well,” says David Weber about the company’s motivation to go through the Miraclon certification process. “The Miraclon Certification provides us with the assurance that every Flexcel NX Plate we produce meets the high standards set by Miraclon and offers a reliable basis for optimizing efficiency, quality and sustainability benefits in flexible packaging printing.”