(03/14/2013 / sha)

Merck: New Iriodin 506 Sunset Orange pearl-luster pigment

Iriodin 506 Sunset Orange is now enriching Merck’s broad portfolio of effect pigments. The unique, intensive orange imbues paper, plastic and ceramic with a luminosity that turns heads.


The mica particles, measuring 5 to 35 μm and coated with metal oxides, captivate onlookers through their high color saturation and purity. Being located in the color spectrum between gold and red shades, they offer a unique orange effect that was previously achieved only by mixing different pigments. At the same time, the intensive Iriodin 506 Sunset Orange with high opacity can be combined with a multitude of effect and absorption pigments, for example, with the Iriodin 305 Solar Gold or Iriodin 4504 Lava Red effect pigments. In this way, the newest member of the Iriodin family enables the creation of color shades previously reserved for spectacular sunsets.