(06/23/2023 / sbr)

Drewsen Spezialpapiere encourages health and environmentally friendly mobility

Since mid-June, employees at Drewsen Spezialpapiere in Lachendorf have the opportunity to charge their e-bikes free of charge at one of the three new charging stations. The introduction of the e-bike charging stations closes the circle that started last year with the introduction of the “cycle to work” scheme. In addition to the purely practical benefits for employees of being able to charge their e-bikes conveniently and easily during work, the step also underlines the company's commitment to climate protection and sustainability.

The charging option promotes - especially in a region with limited public transport - an ecological means of transport and at the same time represents an environmentally friendly alternative to the car. Sustainable mobility contributes to reducing environmental pollution, improving air quality and saving money, especially in times of high fuel prices. At the same time, cycling in the fresh air is beneficial to health, gives pleasure and enables active exercise in the beautiful nature of the Südheide.

The e-bike charging stations at Drewsen represent another step by the company to promote sustainable practices and provide employees with a modern and environmentally friendly infrastructure. “When planning the e-bike charging stations, modern charging technology was important to us in addition to a high level of user-friendliness,” says Martin Siebert, who is also responsible for other decarbonisation projects at Drewsen.

“We are pleased that Drewsen has opted for the smart LiON Box and quality Made in Germany. Our charging station is universal. It is equipped with various charging plugs and thus covers around 95 % of the e-bike batteries used in Germany (A+CH),” reports Patrick Weiskorn, CCO of ONgineer from Espelkamp.