(05/09/2023 / sbr)

Bobst boosts digital-age manufacturing on Visionfold and Novafold 50 l 80 l 110

True to its vision to advance sector-wide connectivity and digitalization, Bobst has enhanced its middle-range folder-gluers with the implementation of the Sphere machine interface. Combined with improved ergonomics, both machines take a decisive step into the future of folding-gluing. This evolution allows folding carton converters to further optimize the production workflow and enable efficient data flow between physical equipment and digital solutions.

With regular improvements and innovations in their folder-gluer line, Bobst goes forward to offer the best possible solutions to converters in the folding carton industry. In 2022, the brand-new Novafold 50 l 80 l 110 was introduced, featuring the blank aligner and 4&6-corner device. Offering speeds of up to 300 m/min and up to 18,000 4-and 6-corner boxes per hour, the launch of this versatile folder-gluer has been a resounding success. The equally modular all-rounder, the Visionfold 50 l 80 l 110, is available as a motorized version and can be run with speeds of up to 350 m/min, producing up to 22,000 4-and 6-corner boxes per hour.

Both folder-gluers represent a range of extremely reliable machines which offer user-friendly ergonomics and superior quality performance. From straight-line to crash-lock bottom and 4&6-corner boxes in various materials and box shapes: these versatile folder-gluers give converters the flexibility required from today’s demanding market. Furthermore, the Accueject device, which is available on both machines, guarantees the elimination of faulty boxes in line, ensuring customers only get 100% quality packaging.

With the implementation of the human interface Sphere, another important asset has been added to the two folder-gluers. Sphere provides a single point of control for all functions of the machine. Up to two 15" full-color, high-definition touch screens allow operators to set up jobs and give the possibility to recall of up to 5,000 job settings, saving precious makeready time.

Through Sphere, customers can subscribe to the Bobst Connect Essential package, which allows machines and data to be connected in one comprehensive platform. The technology allows companies to drive productivity and access accurate performance data, progress indicators and reporting. It also ensures high-priority remote assistance.

“Bobst Connect Essential is only the first step in a major upheaval in the way we manage data and communication,” says Pierre Binggeli, Head of Product Line Folder-gluers at Bobst, adding that “in order to extend the current capabilities to future Bobst Connect functions, we are integrating Sphere into the Visionfold and Novafold.”

These functions enhance connectivity over the converting workflow and increase data accessibility, to provide converters with unparalleled visibility over their machines and production. Precise information about output, maintenance and tooling as well as an immediate communication workflow throughout the supply chain and ensured traceability will optimize production performance, improve machine handling and even increase shift output. The new Sphere platform improves the ergonomics of the machine setup for operators and being highly intuitive, it is easy to handle and contributes to swift machine makereadies.

With the idea of simplifying machine handling and setups in mind, the 4&6-corner modules of the Visionfold and Novafold have also been equipped with new combifolder doors. First seen on the Expertfold 50 l 80 l 110 introduced in January this year, these transparent security doors at the front and the back of the machine reduce the machine footprint and improve accessibility. Also, the door frames provide a space to fix and keep machine tools for easy access, avoiding unnecessary operator movement.

“Ergonomics is a decisive factor in the setup of machines,” says Pierre Binggeli. “We are constantly looking for solutions to reduce makeready times and reduce operator workloads, because we know that every minute counts on the production floor and that creating a sustainable and modern work environment is essential for attracting and retaining staff.”

The Sphere, as well as the new machine design and security doors, mark another step towards the future of converting: modern and slim-lined, digitalized and connected, intuitive and operator-friendly.

For Pierre Binggeli, the changes made on the Visionfold and the Novafold are not necessarily visible for the untrained eye, but they are decisive: “In the future, our converting customers will considerably improve the production workflow and increase its transparency, to make more informed decisions, increase pro-activity. Step by step, we are paving the way forwards to this transition, continually introducing new solutions and technologies to reach our destination, the realization of the Bobst vision.”