(01/14/2022 / sbr)

Sappi releases the Sappi/Kantar Marketing Survey 2021

Last year, Sappi engaged global data analytics consultancy Kantar to survey more than 1,200 marketing specialists and take the temperature of what's important in marketing as the world shifts into a post-pandemic era. Focusing on five European countries (Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the UK) plus the US, the survey provides key data and valuable insights for what lies ahead in modern marketing.

Sappi is now publishing the results of the survey as an attention-grabbing print piece called “A Glimpse into the Future of Marketing (And the Surprising Role of Print)”.

This provides insights into making the most of the very latest marketing trends, including:

  • How to boost marketing spend ROI.
  • What makes trust so important to today’s consumers – and how to tap into that.
  • How to run truly agile campaigns.
  • What the circular economy means for delivering on sustainability in marketing.

Conor Evers, Sappi Europe Head of Marketing Operations, commented: “We believe that print can be a surprisingly effective component in the modern marketing mix – and with this survey and this publication, we are here with the facts and the stories to back that up. It’s time to demystify tired marketing myths about print and show how it can be used alongside other media to support today’s brands – and help them stand out from the competition.”

“A Glimpse into the Future of Marketing (And the Surprising Role of Print)” is the latest example of up-to-the-minute Sappi content that explores and emphasises the myriad possibilities for marketers to make the most of print in the modern media mix. Such content underlines Sappi’s commitment to both the future of the print industry and the marketing needs of today’s brands.

Copies can be ordered here: