(12/10/2021 / sbr)

The Navigator Company increases UWF paper prices

The Navigator Company announced that it will increase the price list between 10% and 15% for all its UWF products dispatched from January 3rd onwards. This price increase includes a rise of the surcharge announced in the last communication of October 15th, from 50 EUR/t to 100 EUR/t.

Since the last communication, where Navigator announced a price increase of around 8% and a 50 EUR/t surcharge with an implementation date from November 1st onwards, the industry has been continuously facing additional variable cost increases, particularly in energy and logistics, that is also leading to increases in the majority of other commodities, such as chemicals and packaging materials. Additionally, The Navigator Company is witnessing a significant increase in demand for its products and brands, which leads to a record of its order book.

Reflecting the volatility of the current market conditions, the surcharge will be revised on a monthly basis and the price list will have a maximum validity of two months. Navigator will not be able to keep its usual four-week pre-notice for price list changes.

Navigator understands that these circumstances are extremely challenging and genuinely appreciates the trust of its commercial partners during this challenging period we are all living.

The Navigator Company sells its products to 130 countries over five continents, under its paper brands with a strong reputation for superior and consistent quality - Navigator, Pioneer, Inacopia, Discovery, Soporset, Target and Inaset.