(07/04/2012 / atz)

Smart Automation Meets Smart Preflight & Correction

Enfocus announces the release of Switch 11 update 1. This exciting new version of Switch 11 includes full support for the new Smart Preflight & Correction functionality introduced in PitStop Server 11.

Smart Preflight & Correction offers Switch and PitStop Server users a more dynamic and accurate way of applying preflight and auto-correction settings, driven by the power of Switch variables. Additional new and updated configurators in this release include a direct link to Esko’s Automation Engine, new Microsoft Word configurator supporting the latest versions and updated HP configurators.

Smart Preflight & Correction that takes full advantage of the power of Switch 11
Switch 11 update 1 includes a new version of the PitStop Server configurator, compatible with the newly announced PitStop Server 11. It enables Smart Preflight & Correction in PitStop Server 11 using any of the variables available in Switch, including SQL databases, XML and JDF job tickets, embedded XMP values, private data variables created with the scripting API and all of Switch’s built-in variables.

"PitStop 11 has introduced a new era in PDF preflight, and the combination of PitStop Server 11 and Switch 11 update 1 are making the possibilities endless. Each and every job can be checked to specific job requirements that can be sourced from the file itself, metadata values, job tickets or external data sources", says Dieter Wullaert, Switch Product Manager. "For example, you can check if an incoming file matches the specifications for that job in your order system, or alternatively whether it corresponds to the information entered on your website by the customer when uploading the job. Using the new rule-based variables, it’s possible to translate those values into real preflight checks – this new functionality is huge and unique in workflow automation."

New configurator streamlines communication between Switch 11 and Esko Automation Engine
Switch has been designed from the beginning to be a complementary and vendor-neutral automation solution, allowing users to do more with their existing technology investments and workflow solutions. With this new configurator, files can be picked up by Switch, processed as required by any of Switch’s many tools and other Crossroads partners configurators, and delivered into an Automation Engine Job without operator intervention. To achieve this goal the configurator offers different ways to find a matching Automation Engine job. Combined with the ability to chain those different ways it provides maximum flexibility in automating the process of assigning incoming artwork to a print job. The new configurator also supports the unattended initiation of Automation Engine workflows upon the delivery of a production file with an accompanying XML job ticket by Switch. The job ticket is picked up by the Automated Job Creation Module of Automation Engine, which ensures flawless execution of the job.

"Because of Switch’s unique file handling capabilities and thanks to the many other configurators already supported in Switch, it is now possible to complete additional processing before a file is delivered to Automation Engine", states Dries Vandenbussche, Automation Engine Product Manager. "For example: a print buyer places 'chocolate gift' containing an Illustrator file on an FTP server monitored by Switch and the result in Automation Engine is a preflighted and color-corrected PDF file. We are also very excited about formally joining the Switch community soon as a Crossroads Application Partner."

Enfocus Crossroads is a community related to Enfocus Switch automation. Comprising Crossroads Application Partners, Crossroads Integration Partners and Switch users, the community provides automation best practices to other Switch users and prospects. A dedicated Crossroads web portal ( provides an extensive source of information about the Crossroads Partners and their integrated solutions.

Updated Microsoft Word configurators and HP configurators
Switch 11 update 1 includes new configurators for the world’s most popular text editor. Users can automate file processing in Microsoft Word 2010 (Windows) or 2011 (Macintosh) and convert all supported Word documents to PDF, rtf, txt, html, doc and docx at blazing speeds.

Next to already available HP SmartStream solution configurators, the HP Digital Front End JD Control Configurator was enhanced. It now enables building even more intelligent workflows by using Switch metadata.

Switch 11 update 1 is available for customers with current Switch maintenance agreements. A free trial is available on