(06/21/2012 / atz)

Tecco expands product range and presents DryLab media

Tecco, innovation leader and trend setter in the market for photo, fine art and proofing media, meets concerns towards technological changes and expands its product range with DryLab media for the new DryLabs based on inkjet technology.

Next to the four established product fields: Photo, Laser, Production and Efi – Tecco now presents DryLab, the fifth field of their product range.

Background Information
Indications for a change of technology are observable: the amount of inkjet images is steadily increasing, the amount of chemical images is decreasing, especially looking at small formats. The change within the large format photo area towards water-based inkjet printing has taken place many years ago, accelerated by low investments and the possibility to also use different surfaces and qualities for different applications. Further reasons for technology changes are:

  • inkjet printing offers a larger color space and is perfectly re-producable.
  • printers only create costs when used (cost on demand), contrary to Minilabs with chemistry where the process must be held stable, in order to achieve constant results.
  • investment in an inkjet system is comparatively low, furthermore various sizes of machines are available.
  • manufacturers of Minilabs are no longer developing new machines for this market, they are all focussing on Drylabs.

Uwe Janke, Business Development Manager Photo predicts: „Inkjet will establish itself within small formats. Next to the replacement of Minilabs it is also expected that thermo sublimation kiosk systems increasingly will be replaced by inkjet systems, due to quality and diversity of paper variety and surfaces. Inkjet covers many more applications, e.g. doublesided greeting cards, prints onto fine art or matt papers,“ says Janke.

Market and Target Group Analysis
„Tecco:Paper DryLab“-Papers were developed especially for use with inkjet-based, chemistry-free Minilabs. Their characteristics are: fast, indelible drying, they are comparable to analogue photo papers referring to impression and haptics and are compatible with DryLabs from Noritsu, Fuji and Epson.

Product Information: Tecco starts with DryLab Papers
Both standard products Glossy 250 and Pearl 250 (high-glossy and pearl surface, 250g ) have a bright white, microporous coating with the haptics and impression of an analogue photo paper, available on rolls in 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch, in LFP formats from 17 to 60 inch and also in various sheet formats.

Iridium Glossy 250 (250g/m²) is a high-glossy silver metallic special paper (comparable with Kodak´s Endura Metallic paper for Minilabs), available on rolls in 10 and 12 inch and in LFP formats from 17 to 44 inch.


Pearl 275 DUO (275g/m²) is a PE paper with microporous pearl coating for double-sided printing of cards and photo book pages, available in all important sheet formats.