(02/13/2020 / sbr)

Ink design and integration

Which factors play a major roll in ink development and is it that difficult? How do you design or choose an inkjet ink? Which device to use for ink validation? When is an ink bad and how is it determined? The ESMA Inkjet Essentials training provides answers to all these questions. After the successful launch last year the course on implementation of inkjet inks in industrial applications returns on 21-24 April 2020 to Edegem/Antwerp, Belgium.


Dispersion and ink formulation, substrate pre-treatment, ink degassing and jetting strategies, fluidic systems integration on print engines - altogether 8 theory blocks provide a full overview of different chemistries and their characteristics. Influencing factors and inkjet ink development processes in an industrial environment are explained by international experts.


Over 10 hours of practical tests examine print optimisation by particle, viscosity and inkjet ink specific analyses, waveform optimisation and jetting strategies. Participants work with state-of-the-art drop watchers, experiment with adhesion on different substrates with different pre-treatment strategies, and receive insights on colour profiling techniques.


The course welcomes all companies and individuals who want to understand the influencing factors in ink design process, manufacturing and its integration in printing solutions for the current market demands.


3Oaks Edegem is located near Antwerp and can be reached by public transport or taxi from the Brussels National Airport. The nearby Hotel Drie Eiken offers accommodation for the participants.

Registration is available here.